MROP Registration

Audubon Center of the North Woods - Sandstone, MN
➔ June 19 - 23, 2019


MROP Application

Thank you for your interest in the Men’s Rites of Passage event at Sandstone, Minnesota.

The Rites of Passage are most appropriate for those who are spiritually searching, who have done some kind of men’s work already, and who are not in a major reaction against God, grace, or transformation. It is important to note that you must have a basic mobility and health that will allow you to crawl, hike, and fast.

It is best if you approach this experience as a lone seeker. Fathers and sons are normally not initiated together, nor is this a buddy experience. You may come with friends but expect to be assigned to a group where you will be anonymous and start from zero together with your group. (You will actually find this to be an advantage.)

You will receive notification of your status (accepted, waiting list, or refused) within three weeks of our receipt of your application. If accepted you will receive a letter containing details regarding the MROP along with instructions for completing the required medical and travel forms, as well as instructions for final payment.

If accepted, your $50 deposit becomes non-refundable and is applied toward the total cost of $500.00. ( If your application is received by March 31 you will qualify for our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and your total cost will be $450.) If you are not accepted, your deposit will be returned. For those requiring financial assistance in order to participate, we offer a limited number of scholarships covering up to 50% of the registration fee.


  • You may not make this initiation rite more than once, but initiated men can participate in the Initiator Program.

  • Please answer these questions honestly and not in a perfunctory manner.

  • Please note that your application is not considered complete until a $50 deposit has been received. Please pay deposit online.

  • Already been accepted into the MROP? In that case please see our payment options page to pay and to confirm your registration.

  • The online application link is below, If you are unable or uncomfortable with completing the online form, you may download the application and mail it along with your deposit to the included address.



Take time to thoughtfully and mindfully complete the answers to the questions below.
One of our team will review your application and call you to discuss the MROP, your spiritual journey and answer any questions you might have.


 MROP Payments

MROP Deposit
❖ MROP Deposit Payment ($50) ❖
Initiator Full Fee
❖ Initiator Full Fee ($500) ❖
MROP Balance
❖ MROP PAYMENT ($450) ❖
Returning Initiated Man (RIM) Payment
from 65.00
Choose Option:
❖ RIM Payment ❖
MROP Full Payment
❖ MROP Full Payment ($500) ❖
Retreat Staff Payment
❖ Retreat Staff Payment ($150) ❖
→ Before June 1 – 50% refund
→ After June 1 – no refund




If you have received an acceptance notice for the MROP Program or if you are registering for the Initiator or the Returning Initiated Men Programs, you must complete this confidential Medical Form.





Please complete the Travel Form to setup transportation. Afterwards, if you have any questions, please call or email the Travel Coordinator.

T Michael RockTravel Coordinator
Phone(612) 275-0387




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Initiates will be sent a welcome letter once their application has been accepted. Within the letter will be additional information.


We need to know how you will be getting to the Audubon Center. All participants and staff will need to fill out the Travel Form at bottom of this page.

Past experience has taught us that many people underestimate the time it takes to get to Sandstone, MN. Please give yourself plenty of time so you arrive on time and can get settled in. It is very important that we start promptly with everyone present.


  • MROP registration/sign-in begins at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. (Please do not arrive earlier!)

  • MROP event begins at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 and concludes by 3:00PM on Sunday, June 23, 2019.

  • It is absolutely necessary to attend the entire MROP, from the opening on Wednesday through ending ceremony on Sunday.
    (You may NOT come late or leave early except in cases of absolute emergency.)




Download Checklist of Items to bring to the MROP

The Audubon Center has limited bedding/towels for $5

  • Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets for a twin size mattress

  • Pillow

  • Towel

  • Usual toiletry items including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

  • Two plain old white t-shirts (no words or designs on them)

  • One plain black t-shirt (no words or designs on them)

  • A pair of shorts/pants that can get stained

  • Additional casual clothing as needed for the week

  • Jacket

  • Rain gear

  • Hat (important for sun protection)

  • Swimsuit

  • Durable shoes appropriate for hiking and walking

  • Journal/notebook with a pen or pencil

  • Water bottle

  • Flashlight

  • Day pack

  • Garbage bag or other water repellent bag to protect items within day pack

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Tweezers (to remove ticks)

  • Wrist watch (You are asked not to use your cell phone to determine time)

  • Check book or cash to purchase books, shirts, etc. from bookstore

  • Any drum (or percussion instrument) you care to bring. No experience required. If you have an extra drum, label it and bring it for someone else to use. Other rhythm instruments are encouraged too.

  • Personal symbol(s) that represent any of the following:
    — what you need to let go of
    — what you might need to grieve over
    — what you still want to become
    — any personal faith symbol

Note: These symbols will not need to be exhibited/shared, but we have found that it is helpful to many men for their own initiation purposes.




Download Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the Rites of Passage?

  • Registration begins at 2:30 pm Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

  • The Initiation begins at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, and concludes by 3:00 PM on Sunday, June 23, 2019.

It is absolutely necessary to attend the entire Initiation Rites from the opening on Wednesday through final Liturgy on Sunday. You may not come late or leave early, except in cases of absolute emergency.

What will be asked of me physically?

It is important to note that you must have a basic mobility and health that will allow you to crawl, hike, and fast.  There will be a 24-hour fast from Friday (after supper) until Saturday supper.  We will make accommodations for those with special dietary needs; otherwise only water will be consumed during this time.

How and when do I handle my final payment and arrival information?

The Audubon Center requires total payment for any guest registered for a program at their facility — even if that guest does not show up. For this reason, we request that all registrants pay for the entire Men’s Rite of Passage by Friday, May 31, 2019. In order to keep your reserved place for this MROP, please send your balance of $450, along with the Payment/Travel Information Form that is included in this letter.  Please make your final payment at our web site or in the form of a check or money order. (If you sent your application with a $50 down payment before our Early Bird deadline of March 31, your balance will be $400.)

Where is the Audubon Center?

Founded in 1968, the Audubon Center is an environmental center, located on the shores of Grindstone Lake, about halfway between Duluth, MN and the Twin Cities.  It is a 535 acre sanctuary, with a combination of lake shore, stream, wetlands, grassland and forest. For more information & directions visit  Emergency numbers are (888) 404-7743 or (320) 245-2648.  Please leave this information with people before you leave home. Cell phone coverage is limited in this area. If you need to contact someone upon your arrival, please bring a calling card to reach them.

What is the weather like there?

June is pristine vacation weather in northern Minnesota. The temperature usually averages between 70-80, although some years have reached the 90s or dip into the 60s. It can be humid during this time of year, but don’t worry the sleeping quarters are air-conditioned and a dip into the lake is always refreshing. The biggest concerns may be mosquitoes (be sure to pack plenty of bug repellent) and deer ticks/wood ticks (which can be a nuisance or sometimes dangerous).

What do I need to bring?

Please see the travel checklist above on this webpage for what to bring.

What are the accommodations at the Audubon Center?

Accommodations are in the Crosby Lodge. Bedding and towels are NOT provided. You must bring your own sleeping bag or sheets/blankets for a twin mattress. (The Audubon Center has bedding available for out of State men for $10.) You will share a room with 3 other men. Each room is air-conditioned, features solid wood bunks, and has its own bathroom facilities. If you are a person who snores (at a level that would disturb others), please communicate this on the enclosed Medical Information form.

How do I get to the Audubon Center?

Please see the information at the top of this webpage for location of the Audubon Center.

Who do I contact if my plane is delayed?

If your plane is delayed, contact T Michael Rock at (612) 275-0387.

Are there places available to stay before and/or after the Rites of Passage?

If you need accommodations before and/or after the Rites, we recommend that you Google hotels near Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. There is a variety of hotels, from the inexpensive to the elaborate. Nearly all have shuttle service to/from the airport.

Are there any resources available to prepare for the Rites of Passage?

If you want to do some preparatory reading/viewing, you can order it from the Center for Action and Contemplation’s on-line bookstore at You can also call the CAC Resource Center directly (505) 247-1636 to order these and other materials.

  • Men Matter: A Quest for the True Self — audio recording by Richard Rohr

  • From Wild Man to Wise Man — book by Richard Rohr

  • Quest for the Grail — book by Richard Rohr

  • Beloved Sons: Why Males Need Initiation — audio and DVD

It is recommended that Rohr’s Adam’s Return not be read until after your Rites of Passage experience. (If you have already read it, don’t worry about it.) A bookstore with books and teachings will be available at these Rites. Bring cash or a check book to cover any purchases. 


MROP Scholarship Application Form

MN MALES strongly encourages applicants to seek financial assistance from their place of ministry, their local faith community, or other funding sources available to the applicant. Funds for assistance through MN MALES are limited and are used to offset registration fees only.


  • This application should be filled out only after you have received notification you have been accepted as an initiate for the MROP.

  • We will contact you within 2 - 4 weeks to let you know if assistance will be available.

  • If you are unable or uncomfortable with completing your scholarship application online, you may download the application and mail it to the included address.

Please answer the following questions to assist our process.


Initiator Program

Continue the Journey

We are proud to announce a new program and opportunity for initiated men. If you've ever wanted to return to an MROP, here is your chance with the Initiator Program. This pilot program is not a repetition of the MROP experience. It is designed to give an initiated man the opportunity to deepen his understanding of initiation while supporting the initiation of other men.

About The Program:

Initiated men continue to ask how they can participate in and support the initiation process. By design, the Men's Rites of Passage is run by a small team of 8­-10 men. Through the Initiator Program we hope to provide an opportunity for men to return to the Men's Rites of Passage to both do some personal work and support the men who are being initiated.

The Initiator Program will run parallel to the Men's Rites of Passage the same week of June 19 - 23, 2019. It gives initiated men the opportunity to hold the container for the entire MROP process. Following the tradition of the elders taking the young men to be initiated and holding the container, we are asking you to join us for the five days as we "keep the edges hot" in our role of supporting the MROP process. This will deepen your experience of what happened at your own MROP as we are present in each gathering in the Sacred Space for the rituals and teachings. You will also be led through a series of reflections, silence, and time in nature as we form the Sacred Circle of Prayer and Presence. Most of all, we will stand, shoulder to shoulder, giving our prayerful strength and support to the MROP team and the men being initiated. Come join us for a meaningful week of men transforming men through soul work!

This program is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been through the MROP an are an initiated man

  2. You have a keen desire to deepen your spiritual journey by revisiting the messages of your initiation

  3. You want to be an active "initiator" – a man who invites and supports other men to become initiated into the Journey of Illumination

  4. You understand that you are not being initiated again

  5. You understand that you are not a member of the MROP leadership team

  6. You can be present and be part of the container for the entire MROP event


(Early Bird Discount $450 - before March 31, 2019)


  • We ask that all men participating in the Initiator Program also complete the Medical and Travel Forms.

  • Check-in registration begins - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 @2:30 PM CDT

  • The Initiator Program begins - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 @4:00 PM CDT

  • It is absolutely necessary to attend the entire Initiator event, from the opening on Wednesday through the final liturgy on Sunday. You may not come late or leave early except for absolute emergencies.

  • We have space for a total of 10 Initiators.



Registrations will continue to be accepted for the Initiator Program until Saturday, June 8, 2019.

We ask that all Initiator Applicants also complete the Medical and Travel Forms information forms. Links to these forms will be provided after you have registered.


Returning Initiated Men (RIM)

Check-in Time:  1:00 PM Saturday, June 22 (No earlier please!)
Ending Time: 3:30 PM Sunday, June 23

  • Option 1 - $65 (includes camping outside on Saturday evening, dinner/breakfast/lunch)
  • Option 2 - $90 (includes lodging on Saturday evening, dinner/breakfast/lunch)

Deadline: Registration including Medical and Travel Forms as well as payment are due by June 16, 2019.
Questions: Contact T Michael Rock (612) 275-0387

If you are planning to attend please fill out the registration below.

  • This is a pre-registration event. (There are no exceptions.)

  • Additional information about this event will be sent to you after you register.

  • Please be willing to carpool.

  • We will need volunteers to stay and help clean-up if you are available.



Registrations will continue to be accepted for the Returning Initiated Men Program until Sunday, June 16, 2019.

We ask that all Returning Initiated Men also complete the Medical and Travel Forms information forms. Links to these forms will be provided after you have registered.