Welcome to the Minnesota Region Rites of Passage

Thanks for your interest in men's rites of passage.

This is the MN MALES (Minnesota - Men as Learners and Elders) community's site for those men interested in the application process for the Rites of Passage being held the summer of 2017, June 21-25, in Sandstone, MN.

Dates: June 21-25, 2017
Location: Sandstone, Minnesota


This 5 day Men's Rites of Passage is based on the work of Fr. Richard Rohr and is maintained by a core leadership group called 'Illuman',  situated in Albuquerque,New Mexico. This is an international organization community of men, committed to a spiritual journey and the mentoring of younger men.

As a brotherhood of men we believe:

Every man is a Beloved Son of God.

Men are ready for serious spiritual journeys. Our message is grounded in the Christian Paschal Mystery while inte­grating the symbols and rituals from other religions and cultures. Men must seek to improve their conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation. Men must have the affirmation and guidance of wise mentors. Men have a need and responsibility to mentor future generations. In a universal message that transcends the boundaries of race, nation, cul­ture, gender, economics/class, politics, sexual orientation and religious dif­ferences. Men must seek honest mutuality in their relationships with women in thought, word, and deed. Men must recognize and critique their own power in regard to women, minorities, and the poor, and use their power for justice in the world. There is a need for collaborating with like‑minded groups and other faith traditions.

www.illuman.org - Illuman represents the core leadership organization that oversees the international network of men who are interested in participating in a Men's Rites of Passage and those who have already experienced one.

www.cac.org -The Center for Action and Contemplation was created by Franciscan priest Fr. Richard Rohr. This center provides a wide variety of programs and resources related to spirituality and service to others. Also remember, Richard Rohr's free Daily Reflections is available at www.cac.org/sign-up

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